Rayonier Advanced Materials announces price increase on cellulose specialties products

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Rayonier Advanced Materials, a producer of cellulose-based technologies including high-purity cellulose, will increase prices of its high-alpha and high-viscosity cellulose specialties products by six per cent, effective immediately, or as contracts allow.

The cellulose specialties business includes acetate, ethers, micro-crystalline cellulose, nitrocellulose and other grades.

The company says the price changes are necessary to partially offset ongoing inflationary pressures and sustain investment in its capital-intensive manufacturing capabilities to ensure its ability to continue producing high-quality products.

Rayonier’s high-purity cellulose specialties are a natural polymer commonly found in cell phones, computer screens, filters and pharmaceuticals. The company also manufactures products for lumber, paper and packaging markets.

With manufacturing operations in Canada, the U.S. and France, Rayonier employs approximately 4,200 people and generated approximately $2.1 billion of revenues in 2018